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Website Design and Hosting
 A good Website should:
  •  load quickly and operate correctly for all visitors,
  •  deliver your message simply and without confusion,
  •  use graphics to enhance your message, not detract from it,
  •  allow quick and cost-effective updates.
Other Informational Technologies
CommEdge™ can also provide:
  •  customized presentations for distribution to clients,
  •  self-running informational displays (for waiting rooms, etc.),
  •  interactive informational kiosks.
Custom Systems Engineering
CommEdge™ can design and install custom systems and facilities, and also provide ongoing support and service. Past projects have ranged in size from a single electronic unit to an entire theatre, including multi-media, projection, sound, control, and computer systems. Clients have included NBC Radio Network, The National Baseball Hall of Fame, the New Orleans World's Fair, and other multi-media exhibits. If you need custom systems engineering, CommEdge™ can get the job done! Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.
Digital Audio Restoration
Using specialized software, CommEdge™ can digitally restore
  •  old 78-, 45-, and 33-RPM phograph records,
  •  old reel-to-reel tapes, cassettes, and home videotapes.
Digital processing can remove noise, restore fidelity to musical recordings, and enhance intelligibility for forensic purposes.

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